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    How to work with Affiliates ?



      I am going to work on affiliates I have an issue here.

      If the user comes from affiliate  vendor  (to Identify in URL some values are there)  then we need to redirect the user directly to product display page instead of home page.


      For this scenario could you people suggest how can I do this one. if possible any body have code snippet please paste it here.


      InAdvance Thanks


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          Gopinath Ramasamy



          You can use Redirect droplet for the same after checking the values in the URL.


          Your code looks similar to this.


          <dsp:droplet name="/atg/dynamo/droplet/Switch">

          <dsp:param name="fomAffiliateSite" value="valueFromURL"/>

          <dsp:oparam name="true">

          <dsp:droplet name="/atg/dynamo/droplet/Redirect">

          <dsp:param name="url" value="your_product_display_page_url"/>





          Documentation link is as below.



          Hope this helps.

          Keep posting the updates / questions.



          Gopinath Ramasamy