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    HFM Classic to EPMA  Transformation Error


      HI All

      We are getting following error on transformation form  HFMClassic   to EPMA  application. Any advice on how to address this issue.


      Application works fine under classic mode we can run  calculations  and retrieve data suing grids etc.


      [EPMADIM] [INTERNAL_ERROR:32] [EPMADIM-1] [EPMADIM.Hyperion.CommonServices.Exceptions.BaseException] [tid: 11] [ecid: disabled,0] SVR_ERR_INVALID_DIMENSION_ASSOCIATION_PROPERTY:Cannot create a dimension association for the Base Dimension 'CellTextLabel', Property 'Alias', Associated Dimension 'Alias'. The property 'Alias' is not valid for the dimension class 'CellTextLabel'. at Hyperion.DimensionServer.PropertyManager.AddDimensionAssociation(Int32 applicationID, Dimension dimension, Int32 refDimensionID, Int32 propertyID)

      at Hyperion.DimensionServer.Automators.AddDimensionAssociation.Execute()

      at Hyperion.DimensionServer.ImportEngine.AddDimensionAssociationAction(Int32 baseDimID, Int32 appId, Int32 propID, Int32 targetDimID)

      at Hyperion.DimensionServer.ImportEngine.ProcessDimensionAssociationForDim(ImportDimension importDim)




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          Hi Vee,

          I'm not sure whether you try to directly upgrade the application from classic to EPMA through the architect, or you try to extract the .ads metadata from the classic application to load it to the EPMA. Though I have found this excerpt in the architect readme, section known issues:


          13688538 -- If you use the From HFM Files option to generate an .ads file, the resulting file may include an Alias property entry in the DimensionsAssociations section for the CellTextLabel dimension. It may also include an Alias column in the CellTextLabel dimension section. This is incorrect, because the CellTextLabel member class does not support the Alias property. If you try to import this generated .ads file into an existing Performance Management Architect Financial Management application, a validation error may occur.


          Assuming that you're trying to load the extracted .ads file when you get the errors, you can try to modify the proper sections using an editor and excel as follows:

          1. locate the DimensionAssociations section and find the line beginning with CellTextLabel and associating to Alias, then remove it

          2. then locate the CellTextLabel dimension, copy-paste the content of the section to Excel, including the labels header, then use texttocolumns to convert this content to columnar format, remove the Alias column (including the heading) and reconstruct the delimited text for the remaining columns, then replace the CellTextLabel dimension section in your open editor.

          3. Save the edited file and retry to load it to EPMA.




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            Hi Kostas

            Thanks for the excerpt, this is handy. My issue was mainly related to using Architect feature to upgrade from classic to EPMA.


            I ended up resolving the issue my creating ADS file from Classic , then creating EPMA Shell and reloading , dimensions , grids , forms data , security etc.


            Just to provide some background  it could have been our application only  as i didn't see any issue converting classic to EPMA using sample application,


            Our application was built in EPMA  and was working fine but issue was related to  CalcManager not validating accounts dimensions.


            hence i had to convert EPMA -> Classic -> EPMA back to resolve this issue.


            We are using EPM Patch as an FYI.