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    VS 2010 Dataset Designer Oracle Parameters bind by name ODAC 11 R3

      We have 3-tier application, and we implement data layer using datasets.
      Now we try to change from Net provider to ODAC (11 R3) with VS tools. We have a lot of tableadapter to regenerate with ODAC connection.
      We use some "where" clauses like " tpo=:tpo or :tpo is null". Dataset designer show an error because ODAC set oracleCommand property bindbyname by default to false.
      I complicate and too expensive work search all instances of tableadapter to set this property to true, and we cannot try sql (and results) from dataset designer.

      Is there any way we could use designer like net driver?
      Does exist any place to changes bindbyname property at designer generator?
      Does oracle know issue to pach it in next realeases?