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    New ATG set up for a client

    Twinkle Tiwari

      Hi All,


      If i am a Retailer(new) with out physical store or any set up. I chooses ATG as a solution as online channel for sales. What all should he have in place???

      Procurement system, Inventory system etc etc...

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          Gopinath Ramasamy



          You need to have the following (not limited to). They can be achieved by integrating to other systems as well.


          1. Catalog system (including catalog maintenance, update, delete)

          2. Inventory system

          3. Payment system (including operations for authorization, debit etc)

          4. Order fulfillment system


          Optionally you can have integration with reviews and ratings, store finder functionality, fraud detection mechanisms, Merchandizing tools, search functionality management, personalization components, order tracking functionality etc. Obviously you need the IT infrastructure to support each of these features :-)


          Hope this helps.

          Keep posting your updates / questions.



          Gopinath Ramasamy