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    Request Filtering policy configuration in Directory proxy


      Hi All,

      This is regarding Directory proxy configuration.

      How can we set many attributes say 100, in attribute filtering for Request Filtering Properties?

      It can be done manually by using DSCC, if there are less no. of attributes. but how do we do if there are 100 attribute types to configure?


      Actually, my requirement is to allow all attributes(around 100) used by specific branch in directory.


      I even see command -- dpconf set-request-filtering-policy-prop -h host -p port policy-name property:value [property:value ...]
      but I needed to mention property name(allowed-comparable-attrs) each time rather than putting list of attributes


      tried this way...

      #./dpconf set-request-filtering-policy-prop "TEST POLICY" allowed-comparable-attrs+:uid allowed-comparable-attrs+:employeeid
      Enter "cn=Proxy Manager" password:
      # ./dpconf get-request-filtering-policy-prop "TEST POLICY" allowed-comparable-attrs                                       
      Enter "cn=Proxy Manager" password:
      allowed-comparable-attrs  :  employeeid
      allowed-comparable-attrs  :  mail
      allowed-comparable-attrs  :  uid


      Please suggest.

      Thanks in advance.