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    Application changes for RAC


      We are having 8 different applications supported by a single instance database with 8 different schema  for each of these applications. We are planning to move these schema to a oracle RAC environment for high-availability reasons. While I am very conformable with setting up the RAC environment( 2 node) , I have questions about how well the applications can function as soon as I migrate all

      the schema to the 2 node RAC. My questions are :


      a >> Do I need to have the developer change anything in the application code in order to support the RAC.

      b >> How  can I ensure the load balancing of the application happen after migration

      c >> Is there anything I have to do to make sure the application really works well in this environment so as to make the investment in time /money/effort is worthwhile ?


      Appreciate your response

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          You may want to look at any sequences. By default, they will have been created with NOORDER which can cause unexpected results in a clustered database.

          And for your other question, are you sure you want load balancing? You said that the purpose of the RAC was high availability, so i would think that you need to look at service and session failover, not load balancing.

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            Yes, primarily I was intending to say to high availability and from your response I need to look at the service and session failover aspects of RAC.


            This is also brings a important point i.e. how can make sure that all the nodes are equally balanced ( load balancing) ?