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    Import issue


      Hi Gurus,

      Here is my requirement.I am exporting(full export of level0) file then defrag db ,again building the dimensions then refresh fnally  want to load exported(level0) file back.for that i used the following script.

      To Export:

      DataExportLevel "LEVEL0";
      DataExportDecimal  6;
      DataExportOverwriteFile ON;
      DataExportRelationalFile ON;
      DATAEXPORT "File"  ","  "E:\HYPERION\logs\export.err";

      I am getting exported file.and i would like to import again.that time i am getting warning given below.

      import database 'APPNAME'.'DBNAME' data from local text data_file 'E:\HYPERION\DATA\export.txt' using server rules_file 'loadplan' on error write to 'E:\HYPERION\logs\export.err';

      statement executed with warnings
      No data values modified by load of this data file
      there were errores in E:\HYPERION\logs\export.err

      can you pls suggest.