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    Unable to select the priceLists for site in the site administration - BCC




      I am trying to create a site using the site administration tab in BCC. While trying to select/create the priceLists for the site getting the below error and unable to set the priceList for the site.

      I am using ATG 10.1.2.

      Please help me to fix this issue.


      atg.versionmanager.exceptions.VersionRuntimeException: repositoryName was null or blank, which is not allowed

              at atg.versionmanager.VersionManagerURI.getURI(VersionManagerURI.java:353)

              at atg.versionmanager.VersionManagerURI.getURI(VersionManagerURI.java:388)

              at atg.service.asset.AssetUtils.createVersionManagerURI(AssetUtils.java:259)

              at atg.service.asset.AssetUtils.createVersionManagerURI(AssetUtils.java:242)

              at atg.remote.assetmanager.common.service.ServiceUtils.getAssetStatus(ServiceUtils.java:511)

              at atg.remote.assetmanager.browse.service.BrowseManager.createNodeStateForAsset(BrowseManager.java:909)

              at atg.remote.assetmanager.browse.service.BrowseManager.getChildrenPage(BrowseManager.java:431)

              at atg.remote.assetmanager.browse.service.BrowseService.getChildren(BrowseService.java:590)

              at atg.remote.assetmanager.browse.service.BrowseService.getBrowseNavStateForContext(BrowseService.java:513)

              at atg.remote.assetmanager.browse.service.BrowseService.initialize(BrowseService.java:490)

              at atg.remote.assetmanager.browse.service.BrowseManager.getAssetNavigatorState(BrowseManager.java:1312)



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          Nitin Khare

          I think you may check the configuration of VersionManagerService and ensure that it has all the correct repository mappings defined under the versionedRepositories property which maps repository names to their respective component paths. It should have correct catalog and pricelist repository mappings along with any of your custom repository that is versioned and you are managing it through BCC. Check that you have SecureProductCatalog and SecurPriceLists mapped in it correctly if you are using those.

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            Hi Nitin,


            Thanks for your reply.


            We tried to use the SecureProductCatalog and SecurPriceLists in the versionedRepositories of the VersionManagerService component. However, we were facing other issues like our BCC itself not functioning properly and getting many errors and unable to deploy any project. So that we are using the /atg/commerce/catalog/ProductCatalog for CustomProductCatalog and /atg/commerce/pricing/priceLists/PriceLists for PriceLists in the versionedRepositories of VersionManagerService. With this all the things working fine in BCC except the above mentioned issue.


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              Nitin Khare

              I'm not sure if there was any issue during your environment setup or while setting up your CA deployment target in BCC and what error you were encountering which made you change the VersionManagerService configuration. But you must remember that by default product catalog repository is secured only when you use ATG Business Commerce module while the PriceLists repository is secured by default. I think you can probably recheck your source/destination repositories and their mappings that you would have defined within your target site configuration in the BCC Admin Console. See if they are in synch with the secured repository instance present in VersionManagerService.