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    FR Studio - Is there a workaround for the issue with referencing data from a grid with a different DB connection and different # of dimensions?




      I am trying to reference a column in a different grid with a different database connection. I did some research in the forums, and it seems like this is a known issue with FR Studio. The issue is that if the 2 different database connections have different # of dimensions, then the reference will throw an error.


      For example, what I'm trying to do is below:


      In grid2.column[A], I have the following formula:




      The result is an error.


      The ultimate goal is to have a basic variance formula in the grid between grid1 and grid2, which have different database connections with a different # of dimensions. Is there a workaround at all to this bug? The example of the basic formula is below:


      grid1.column[A] - grid2.column[A] 


      Any help is much appreciated!