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    How do I restore a lost worksheet?

    Jackie Twehues

      I have a user who accidentally copied one worksheet over another.  I restored the EUL5_WORKSHEET_SQL table to a different table then updated the SQL_SEGMENT field but the workbook still displayed the unwanted worksheet even though the SQL in EUL5_WORKSHEET_SQL didn't match the screen.  I exited Discoverer and started it back up with no change.  I noticed there were worksheets in EUL5_WORKSHEET_SQL that were deleted long ago.  Where is the data stored that shows the 'active' worksheets in a workbook?  Is it possible to recover a worksheet?



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          This depends on what is your environment , how many reports are present in the EUL etc.....


          Do you have a EUL backup before the report changed . if you open the EUL In a test environment . export the particular report and import it in the necessary environment . If your DB is a RAC . i believe there would be regular backups . i believe you have some options here .


          let me know if it works