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    Oracle datapump import



      Linux 5

      I am currently performing a full database import using datapump.

      The parfile rules with no error, but it does not import all the tables or data.

      Here is a partial view of the parfile below and log contect next:




      impdp system PARFILE=/oraappl/pca/vptch/vlabscr/import_vlab.par




      Parfile content:

      DIRECTORY=VLABDIR FULL=YES DUMPFILE=fullbackup_EXP.dmp logfile=import.log REUSE_DATAFILES=YES SQLFILE=imp_sql.sql REMAP_DATAFILE="'/oraappl/pca/vdevl/vdevldata/sysaux01.dbf':'/oraappl/pca/vptch/vlabdata/vlab/sysaux01.dbf'", REMAP_DATAFILE="'/oraappl/pca/vdevl/vdevldata/undo01.dbf':'/oraappl/pca/vptch/vlabdata/vlab/undo01.dbf'", REMAP_DATAFILE="'/oraappl/pca/vdevl/vdevldata/defspace01.dbf':'/oraappl/pca/vptch/vlabdata/vlab/defspace01.dbf'", REMAP_DATAFILE="'/oraappl/pca/vdevl/vdevldata/volsup201.dbf':'/oraappl/pca/vptch/vlabdata/vlab/volsup201.dbf'", REMAP_DATAFILE="'/oraappl/pca/vdevl/vdevldata/volsup101.dbf':'/oraappl/pca/vptch/vlabdata/vlab/volsup101.dbf'",






      Logfile content

      Master table "SYSTEM"."SYS_SQL_FILE_FULL_01" successfully loaded/unloaded Starting "SYSTEM"."SYS_SQL_FILE_FULL_01":  system/******** PARFILE=/oraappl/pca/vptch/vlabscr/import_vlab.par Processing object type DATABASE_EXPORT/TABLESPACE Processing object type DATABASE_EXPORT/PASSWORD_VERIFY_FUNCTION Processing object type DATABASE_EXPORT/SYS_USER/USER Processing object type DATABASE_EXPORT/SCHEMA/TABLE/POST_INSTANCE/PROCACT_INSTANCE Processing object type DATABASE_EXPORT/SCHEMA/TABLE/POST_INSTANCE/PROCDEPOBJ Processing object type DATABASE_EXPORT/SCHEMA/POST_SCHEMA/PROCOBJ Processing object type DATABASE_EXPORT/SCHEMA/POST_SCHEMA/PROCACT_SCHEMA Processing object type DATABASE_EXPORT/SCHEMA/PASSWORD_HISTORY Processing object type DATABASE_EXPORT/AUDIT Job "SYSTEM"."SYS_SQL_FILE_FULL_01" successfully completed at 14:54:58

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          Reid Ricks-Oracle

          What do you have in the datapump export logfile?

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            You have "SQLFILE" parameter mentioned in your par file. Check that file, all the ddl's are being written to that imp_sql.sql file. No data will be inserted. Remove that sqlfile parameter if you want data to be inserted.



            Default: none


            Specifies a file into which all of the SQL DDL that Import would have executed, based on other parameters, is written.

            Syntax and Description


            The file_name specifies where the import job will write the DDL that would be executed during the job. The SQL is not actually executed, and the target system remains unchanged. The file is written to the directory object specified in the DIRECTORY parameter, unless another directory_object is explicitly specified here. Any existing file that has a name matching the one specified with this parameter is overwritten.

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              Okay - let me rerun the datapump import again.