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    WLP 10.3.0 to WLP 10.3.6

    srikanth vallabhaneni

      What is the supported process for converting WLP 10.3.0 workshop/eclipse projects to WLP 10.3.6 OEPE/eclipse projects? Simply opening the projects in the new OEPE/eclipse is not properly converting project metadata. I put in a question in the OEPE forum also. Upgrading WLW 10.3 projects to OEPE Projects

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          Do following step will be best for any weblogic portal upgrade.


          1) Create a new portal project and copy manually all your source files (java,jsp and portlet).

          2) if you are using validation xml then put that in config folder available under web content (not remember its available by default or you need to copy from Merged project).

          3) if you have any specific filter / weblogic application xml changes then you need to do that manually.

          4) at any point of time any upgrade option will not work.

          5) update with latest version of jar your ant/maven script


          Hope this helps