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    How to book order in iStore?




      Using IBE_CUSTOMER responsibility kindly let us know how to book order.

      We have created catalogue and sites already.



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          Hi Ashish,


          Access the iStore storefront (Customer UI) at one of the

          following URLs:



          http://<host>:<port>/OA_HTML/ibeCZzpHome.jsp?site=<Store ID>



          You can navigate in the catalog section pages to choose item(s).

          Choose the Add To Cart button  to create a Shopping Cart.

          Choose the Checkout button to begin the ordering process.

          Fill in the required data fields and you will be brought to the Review and Place Order page.

          Choosing the Place Order button will generate the Sales Order.



          Be sure you have setup the mandatory profile and settings -

          Oracle iStore Implementation and Administration Guide

                 This includes the profile option ASO: Default Order State




          Also, see details on the business flow for placing orders -



          See section "Orders Business Flow"




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            Thanks Debbie for your quick update, Now we are facing  Shipping method issue " No Shipping Method selected"


            We have set shipping method at site level and it is we enabled.


            Unable to perform the "Review and Place Order" activity.


            Pl. reply ASAP.




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              Hi Ashish,


              Please confirm the setups -


              1. Login as the iStore Administrator responsibility and for the specialty site confirm Shipping Method and Payment Method -

              3. Site > Shipping >    Atleast one Shipping Method must be added

              4. Site > Paymen t>   Atleast one Payment Method must be added


              The profile option IBE: Preferred Shipping Method is no longer used in Release 12.


              Retest and advise if the shipping method is displayed in the checkout pages.