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    inserting document XML with values with characters < or >


      Hi Everybody


      Oracle used : Release


      I want to insert an XML document in a binary XML field. But for an element the value includes characters like > or <.

      Here an example of request :


      update /*+ no_xml_query_rewrite */ ms2 set mstag=XMLQuery('copy $tmp := .modify (for $i in $tmp/tags/fields[@id="MS"]

      return insert nodes (<value>TEST\n&lt;address1&gt;</value>) into $i)  return $tmp' passing mstag returning content) where psid=5900;


      But because we use the character & in a SQL request, this request failed. We have a prompt to specify 2 values.

      So what is the way to give the value <address1> to the element value in the example ?


      Thanks in advance