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    Import issue


      Hi Gurus,

      Here is my requirement.I am exporting(full export of level0) file then defrag db ,again building the dimensions then refresh fnally  want to load exported(level0) file back.for that i used the following script.

      To Export:

      DataExportLevel "LEVEL0";
      DataExportDecimal  6;
      DataExportOverwriteFile ON;
      DataExportRelationalFile ON;
      DATAEXPORT "File"  ","  "E:\HYPERION\logs\export.err";

      I am getting exported file.and i would like to import again.that time i am getting warning given below.

      import database 'APPNAME'.'DBNAME' data from local text data_file 'E:\HYPERION\DATA\export.txt' using server rules_file 'loadplan' on error write to 'E:\HYPERION\logs\export.err';

      statement executed with warnings
      No data values modified by load of this data file
      there were errores in E:\HYPERION\logs\export.err

      can you pls suggest.

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          What is the error in .err file... Are you sure outline is in sync between both applications.


          Why don't you try free export by right click on database (export option) and load it to target application.





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            .err file has nothing.Yes outline is in sync.to automate the process i used maxl query

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              Can you use below maxl command:

              Export Data

              and check ... next step is manually copy otl and then they to import..





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                thanks for your update.

                and here i got an answer.FYI. i have created a new rul for exported file and then i imported.it worked now.


                Thanks a ton!

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                  Vasavya Chowdary

                  Y don't you use CDF function by oracle its free

                  look for CDF_Export.zip

                  register and run the calc it would take less than 5 mins to extract  but again depands  on ur cube size

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                    Celvin Kattookaran

                    You are not clearing the database and you are importing the same level0 data to the cube. Why are you expecting it to modify the data which is already present. The message is telling you that there was nothing to modify. (all the data values are the same).







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                      I am clearing database using

                      alter database APP.DB reset;

                      and then importing again that exported data back to cube using

                      import database 'APPNAME'.'DBNAME' data from local text data_file 'E:\HYPERION\DATA\export.txt' using server rules_file 'loadplan' on error write to 'E:\HYPERION\logs\export.err';


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                        Anthony Dodds

                        I don't understand why you are even using a calc script to export all level 0 data! Just use the Export Data maxl command as Shiva suggested. The benefit of this approach is that you wont need a rules file to load the data back in.


                        We also don't really need to be getting into CDF world here with this requirement! This requirement to export, defrag, update outline and reload is a fairly common and standard process that can be achieved very easily using MAXL for the Export, shell to copy the outline and then MAXL to load the exported data again.


                        You should only really be using a calc script to export data if you need to restrict your data export to a 'slice' of the data. You are creating more work for yourself