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    Getting Error During Installation Of Stanalone Server on Linux Machine


      I am getting the following error while trying to install standalone weblogic server on my linux machine.


      I followed the following steps:


      1. Do ADE useview and navigate to $ADE_VIEW_ROOT/fatools/tools/wlsconfig.

      2. Copy fusion_apps_wls.properties file to $HOME.

           cp ./fusion_apps_wls.properties $HOME

      3. Edit fusion_apps_wls.properties. Update the DB Details on this file.




           Update above lines with proper DB Details.

      4. Run “sh ./wlsconfig.sh” script which will install the weblogic server and automatically do the required settings for running Fusion Applications.


      In the 4th step, when i try to run wlsconfig.sh, it shows the following errors:


      ./wlsconfig.sh: line 183: cd: /ade/kbhomia_View_App02/fatools/tools/wlsconfig/fadev//install: No such file or directory

      ./wlsconfig.sh: line 184: ./instmwhome.sh: No such file or directory

      cat: /home/kbhomia/.mwHomeStandaloneInstallStatus: No such file or directory

      MW_HOME did not install successfully.

      rm: cannot remove `/home/kbhomia/.mwHomeStandaloneInstallStatus': No such file or directory




      Please help.