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    I can't able to view my certificate on certview


      i got this error message

      Third invalid attempt

      We are sorry, but we are still unable to verify your information. Your account has been referred to Oracle Certification Support for manual processing. You should expect to be contacted within three (3) business days.

      Thank you for participating in the Oracle Certification Program. Please access our Help Center for additional information and assistance.




      do we need wait for three days?

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          Brandye Barrington-Oracle

          It looks like there are 2 things going on. 1) You may have entered information incorrectly to authenticate your account. The team usually responds to these issues within 24 hours. However, they are having a higher than normal number of SRs lately, so it may take a little longer. 2) Unfortunately, there have been some issues with downloading certificates. There has been a patch submitted, so we hope to have this issue resolved soon. Thanks for your patience.


          Brandye Barrington

          Certification Forum Moderator

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            Actually,i have one old web account id,that id only enrolled in to certview. Last week i created new id due to forget old id and old id password. I believe certview still pointing out my old id only. i got this given below error,its mention my old id only. I already raise the SR to oracle

            (Service Request Number: 497386-398050927)



            I got this error while tried to login certview. Certview locked when i tried 2nd time.



            Dear Candidate



            We are unable to Authenticate your CertView account as a First Time User. Our system shows that you have already authenticated your CertView account with the following

            Oracle Web Account Username: vxxxxxxxxxk@rxxxxxxxxx.com (this user name has been abbreviated for security purposes).

            You are now attempting to authenticate your CertView account with a different Oracle Web Account username/password. CertView can only be linked to one Oracle Web Account username/password..



            If you remember the Oracle Web Account that you originally authenticated your CertView account with, log in as a Returning User. If you do not remember your Oracle Web Account username, you can retrieve this information from the Oracle Account Log-in page to retrieve your Lost Username. In addition, you may retrieve your Password if you do not recall this information.



            If you need to update or change your Oracle Web Account that is linked to your CertView account, you must log a Support Ticket to the OCP Support Team.



            If you need additional information, please visit our Oracle Certification Program Help Center.

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              Thank you very much to all....i can able to see my exam results now...