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    Decision Report and Siebel IO Response


      Hello OPA Experts,


      I have applied muti level calculations and discounts to line items using Siebel IO Mapping. I get 10 outcome fields which updates back Siebel line items. User want to see the decision report as how these are calculated. Because we % applicable and logic in rulebase. For example if transportation type is Air apply 2%. Transortation Type is coming from Siebel .but % applicable is maintained in rulebase.


      In Siebel IO, for all the outcome fields I set user property Name: 'OPAOutcome' Value: "value-only". If I set it "decision-report", Will the user see decision report when click on that field?.  please let me know how to achieve this. Thanks a lot.



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          Decision reports are saved to the Policy Automation Decision Report table as a block of XML. If the decision report is linked to an existing BO or IO Object, that value is associated with the decision report.


          The Policy Automation section in siebel has a deicision report viewer which presents them in a siebel frame as HTML. In order to have a decision report display in the appropriate location you will have to build the UI elements yourself. The Policy Automation section should serve as an example of how to do this.