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    Conditional format


      Hi to all,

      I Have created a report with report Builder. In this report I have a lot of fields; but my interest is for two of them:

      1) the first field is FLD_CURRENT_DATE with origin Current Date

      2) the second field is FLD_EXPIRATION_DATE with origin Database->EXPIRATION_DATE

      Now I need to compare the 2 date and print with red colour the field FLD_EXPIRATION_DATE if  <= FLD_CURRENT_DATE.

      I have tried to use the conditional formatting, inserting this code (:EXPIRATION_DATE <= 'FLD_EXPIRATION_DATE'), but the statment is, obviously, not correct and the following errors are returned during compilation:

      REP-1401: '': Fatal PL/SQL error occurred

      ORA-01858: a non-numeric character was found where a numeric was expected

      Can I get some help?