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    All offering not displaying in Learning Path

    Mofa HRMS



      We have created a course which contains 3 offerings (with different delivery modes), each offering have 1 class.


      When we attach this course to a learning path and an employee subscribes to this learning path, only one offering is getting displayed to employee.


      Can we show all offerings under a course in a learning path.




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          Hi, Manuj.


          Your Learners should be able to see all Offerings that have Classes that are currently active (have no end date or an end date in the future). 


          Here are three things to check:

          1. The Learner you are testing with has the appropriate Learner Access defined if the Restricted check box is selected for the Classes that belong to the Offerings
          2. The Classes that you've created under the three Offerings are currently active
          3. You are within time period set for the Enrollment Dates listed for each of the active Classes







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