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    Cannot change Project Status




      We have a problem with 4 projects (started with 1, but more users have the issue now), where it is not possible to change the status on a project.


      A user can select the next available status, but when they select it, nothing happens. They don't see an error message, or anything else - it's just that the status does not change, even though the user selected a different, and valid, status from the list.


      I've had an SR logged with Oracle since 20th May, but Oracle are stuck. They've done debugging, tracing, OWC etc. but no solution so far.


      I just thought I'd ask here in case anyone else has come across this issue.


      Any advice much appreciated.



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          Can you check the Status Setup > Status Type > If Starting Status is checked > And also check what is the Next Allowable Statuses?

          At what Status Controls are these controls checked?

          Are you using Project Related Workflows?

          Last but not least, Run Application Diagnostics for Setups to find out Project Status Control info....



          Raghavender K

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            Fixed - it turned out it was because the Start Date for the Project Manager Key Member was after the Start Date for the Project. Once that was corrected, we could change the Project Status.