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    'Flex' missing from Expense Lines (Cash and Other Expenses) page


      Page: /oracle/apps/ap/oie/entry/lines/webui/DetailsPG


      We need the ability to add 'Flex Map' under a 'Flex' field at the expense line level.  We do see the 'Additional Information' field and all the DFF attributes are visible, but there is no 'Flex' field defined under the above page.

      Question: **How can I make 'Flex' field available so that we can define a 'Flex Map' field?**


      We had a similar requirement at the expense header level (‘/oracle/apps/ap/oie/entry/header/webui/GeneralInformationPG’) and were able to successfully define a Flex Map there.


      Please assist.

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          Here is more information on the requirement itself so that you have a better idea on what is needed -


          We have a list of 'External Projects' from another system referenced via a custom table in a custom value set. This list is by employee_id, which is also on the custom table.


          We have a 'External Projects' DFF on the expense header and expense line.


          On the header, this segment list needs to be by the employee_id on the header. We are able to achieve that by using the 'Flex' definition on the header page (‘/oracle/apps/ap/oie/entry/header/webui/GeneralInformationPG’). We defined a 'Flex Map' to contain the employee_id from the header's VO, ExpenseReportHeadersVO, and then reference the $PROFILES$.<Flex Map Name> in the value set. So all is good for the header.


          On the line, the requirement is to a) default 'External Projects' DFF value from the header to the line DFF, and b) also have a list of values available for the line, again only for the employee on the header. To achieve both of these requirements, we need $PROFILES$ values in the line DFF value set that gets populated from a line-level flex map for the employee_id and report_header_id.


          But as mentioned earlier, the line level 'Flex Map' cannot be defined as the 'Flex' item is not available on the /oracle/apps/ap/oie/entry/lines/webui/DetailsPG page.




          1) Is there a reason for the standard 'Flex' item to be not available at the line level?

          2) Can the 'Flex' item at the line level be enabled?

          3) If teh above is not possible, how can the requirement of the defaulting and the LOV be achieved?  Please provide the steps to achieve it?


          Thanks in advance,