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    HFM hanging after loading rule file


      Hyperion Version

      I have commented three NoInput rule lines and reloading in live(Production) application.(Rule contains only C1 member name, as we want to block the member for all combinations)

      Loaded the rules from HFMRule Editor.

      We didn't get the success message(control) even after 30min and application got hanged.

      Killed HSVDataSource process to solve the issue.(unable to find root cause)

      stats while loading rules:

      Number of User at the time : 500+

      HSV DATA Source reached 6GB+

      When we recheck:

      Logs are normal.

      Can see Rule Loaded successfully.( But as per logs we can see only Rule load started. Can't find Rule load Finished)



      Do the Load rule logout existing users(like metadata change)?

      How  exactly NoInput rule works?

      a) Will it be just updated in dimension table(member property) and check the POV when user access the combination? or

      b) Will it flags all data base tables with this combinations

      Just to know how the issue arrived. If it is option b it need to check and flag several records in several tables and leads to load on database.

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          Thanos A.

          Hi there,


          The system will log out all yours before loading the rules.


          However, I would suggest to log out your users and allow all the consolidation to finish before trigger the loading of the rules. I have to do some checking before answering the rest of your questions but as far as I know the loading of the Noinput rules is a specific sub-task of "Load rules" and I am sure that a message will be generating after the successful completion of that step.





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            I would add that the NoInput rule, rules only once when the rules file is loaded. It marks the specified cells as no input and that's all, never runs again until the rules file is re-loaded. I would use a normal writetofile routine to test if the noinput rule ends its execution before the system hangs. Then, supposing that it hangs before the end of noinput procedure, I would use the writetofile routine again, to locate the line responsible for the hang. Then, please post the responsible line here, so that we may have a look, what is wrong with that. Normally, there will be no need to look in the HFM tables to resolve an issue like this.



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              Hi Thanasis,


              Could you please update your post for remaining questions as well.

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                Thanos A.

                Hi there,


                Sorry for the delay but I was on holidays....


                As per your questions, the noinput rules are not created in the database but are loaded in the cache with a similar process with the rest of the rules. When you start an application check the message: "Caching NoInput started on XXX application"


                If anyone else has different or more information, please add.