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    Can not reinstall Java 7 on Windows 8 x64




      Restinstalling Java 7 opens a dialog box saying that Java is already installed and should be uninstalled first. When I click on Yes to go on with unstalling, I get a second msg box saying that this action is only valid on installed products.


      I tried everything: running Cleansweep to clean the registry, running CCleaner for the same purpose. Using Cleansweep to delete manually the reg entries with name of value containing "java\", deleting any "java" directory on disk (in c:\program files, c:\program files (x86), c:\commonFiles, <user>\appData\localLow and I may forget deleted locations ... Finally rerun Cleansweep ...


      The problem still remains and, unless I can solve it, I will have to do a clean install of the OS (will be Windows 7 since Windows 8 drives me mad, sorry).


      Though, doing a clean install will cost me money, and 1 week of time !


      Will some nice person save me from this huge work ?


      Thanks in advance !