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    Hyperion IR - Predictive Analytics


      Can anyone tell me if Hyperion IR can perform predictive analytics.  For example, If I have Sales Volumes for each month for the past 3 years can I have it extrapolate and predict the next 12 months monthly volumes? Also, what if we include mutiple variables such as dependent and independent as with a linear regression model.  Is there any feature that comes close to futuristic modeling in Hyperion IR ?

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          My guess is you want to use Interactive Reporting because you are already using that to retrieve actuals information, or maybe you want to show this data in a nice Pivot or Report section.


          You could code the 'extrapolate' logic using a Computed Item in your Results section, then use the Computed Item field in other sections (like a Pivot or Report).  i.e. you could calculate in a computed item the % change in volume each year, and use that percentage to forecast next year values. Or, you could code similar logic using MS Excel.  Even if you were using a Forecast/Planning tool you would need to build the requirements logic in to a calculation script or business rule.


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            I am using Hyperion IR vs 9

            Computed Items will require intervention from me with manually governed growth rates (% increase/decrease). I'm actually looking for someting more sophisticated where there the slope of the growth(or decline) is calculated by a linear equation.  Wasn't sure if using Hyperion IR is commonly used in this fashion to make future trend assumptions.  I am certain I'm going to be asked by my constituents if it can.

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              IR is really not designed for what you are wanting.  You can Query and get rows of data for Actuals, but there is no mechanism to Add rows for future months.