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    4.0EA1 - Connection Name can only contain Alphanumeric... why?


      I've just hit this error, which is apparently by design:


      Connection Name may only contain alphanumeric characters, the underscore (_) and the hyphen (-).


      I found this forum post, but was a bit depressed that connection names I've been using forever are now invalid... and as I've had to change one of them, I now need to change my entire naming system:


      SQL Developer 3.2.1 patch connection name restriction


      The character exclusion list may or may not vary by operating system and, more or less, will probably contain...

      <:/\|?*()%&'$@^~#"> {code} 


      Can we reconsider a return to how it used to be for 4.0EA2?  I use various constructs to ensure an appropriate message is carried with the connection everywhere it goes:

      ## WARNING ## - Production

      Now I need to come up with a new naming system... <sigh>