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    FA: Jdev: Integrated weblogic server is not starting up.




      We are working on the fusion apps, and installing the jdev for the fusion apps work.

      After installing the jdev, we are configuring the domain, we are getting the following error



      [05:53:28 PM] The Integrated Weblogic domain has been deleted.

      [05:53:28 PM] Creating Integrated Weblogic domain...

      [05:54:12 PM] Extending Integrated Weblogic domain...

      [05:55:45 PM] Integrated Weblogic domain processing completed successfully.

      [05:55:45 PM] Configuring domain with "C:\Oracle\Middleware\jdeveloper\fadev\bin\FADevConfigure.py -i -m C:\Oracle\Middleware -s C:\Users\vipin.i.kumar\AppData\Roaming\JDeveloper\system11.\"

      [06:00:49 PM] Default domain successfully recreated and configured.

      #### Server Instance IntegratedWebLogicServer could not be started: Error starting Server Instance.



      I have ran the jdev with verbose mode also but no error there, can some one point out where can be configuration wrong.