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    Need a Regular Expression pattern in Java



          Thanks in advance for your help. I have to replace a string if it's not available inside any single quote.


                     name = 'abc12namexyz234' or name='def234namewsr345name' and name like '%ab123name345rt%'

            In the above I've to replace "name" with "ApplicantEntity.name" but I don't want to replace the string that is available inside the single quote i.e. 'abc12namexyz234'. The result after the replacement should be:


                     ApplicantEntity.name= 'abc12namexyz234' or ApplicantEntity.name='def234namewsr345name' and ApplicantEntity.name like '%ab123name345rt%'


           I am trying to find a appropriate regex. But still no success on that. Please Help....