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    Unable to boot from a dd image copy of Windows Server system disk


      Hi ,


      We are trying to P2V  our Windows 2003 Server to Oracle VM 3.2.2 . After doing a d.d image copy ( booting the Windows Server 2003 with Linux system Rescue  disk)  and creating a Windows 2003 Server Oracle VM HVM (using the dd image copy as system disk )  it   hangs on "booting from Hard Disk "  while starting.

      If the same d.d image is attached to an existing Windows Server VM as a slave/ non system  virtual drive  is shows up fine with all files etc . It seems that  the the  boot  partition  is not being picked up .


      I'm sure I have seen this method work  in the past on Oracle VM .


      Any ideas ?  the d.d command being used  is :


      dd if=/dev/sda | ssh root@ovm2 dd of=/OVS/Repositories/0004fb000003000086362115561f3096/VirtualDisks/host_C.img


      Is there anything wrong with the dd command or should anything else be done on the source server once it boots up with the Linux system disk like unmounting file system etc or should any particular kernel for the system disk  be used.


      Is there a way of verifying that the d.d copy is valid in terms of partitions , boot sectors etc ?