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    getting “Terminated_With Error”


      I am using Linux Server release 5.8. Oracle consultant  has installed WebLogic server on one of our Linux development server. Oracle 11G Forms and Reports development tools are also are installed on a same server. Basically, I am assigned to upgrade and migrate large 6i Oracle application into Oracle 11G. Consultant is no longer is with us anymore so no help is available.  I have successfully managed to convert forms from 6i to 11G and managed to set up formsweb and default.env files to run the application from the web. When I use select paper mode in Reports developer I was able to convert and run the reports with no problems. Our Oracle 6i forms and reports were set up to run in Web environment. Now I am trying to run the report from the form (the way it was on 6i). I have gone through all documentations regarding RUN_REPORT_OBJECT and WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT Built-in in Web documentation. Read about reports.sh. I read that there could be some log file giving details of “Terminated_With Error”. However, I don’t know how to get to it. I eliminated many possibilities by checked that spelling and case is correct in Reports object in the Forms. Reports is in a same directory as the form. Error is occurring at “WHILE v_status in RUNNING','OPENING_REPORT','ENQUEUED') LOOP. First the v_status in loop gets value “ENQUEUED”  then dreaded  “Terminated_With Error”. I have run out of documentation to read or any other experiments to do to resolve the issue. There must be step or two I am missing in setting up the reports_path, or it can be way different issue 


      Any help will be gladly appreciated.