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    Workflow notification delegated to the originator contains an error message in notification content


      Hi All,


      We are using a workflow for managing User Access Request(to get new responsibilities) where approval hierarchy is set via AME rules.


      Facing an issue, when approver has set a vacation rule and to whom the notification delegated happens to be the requester itself.

      Notification contains an error message which says like: "Automatic route to <use name> failed. encountered during execution of Generate function 'WF_XML.Generate' for event 'oracle.apps.wf.notification.reassign"


      However notification correctly displays its content and also the validation logic that we have put in post notification function while responding to notification is working correctly .


      Also If the vacation rule is set to some user other than requester, issue does not appear.


      Please guide if faced similar issue or any idea to overcome this.


      Thanks in advance!!