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    ore.create not working ? ! @ ORE 1.3.1


      Following documentation about ore v1.3.1 @ = Using Oracle R Enterprise

      I cannot reproduce the example of data loading into a table.In deed the table gets created (I can query it from within the db) but I cannot see it as an object in my enviroment ...  hence head(),class() ,etc ...  functions do not work properly.


      R> version
      platform       x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu                    
      arch           x86_64                                      
      os             linux-gnu                                   
      system         x86_64, linux-gnu                           
      major          2                                           
      minor          15.2                                        
      svn rev        unknown                                     
      language       R                                           
      version.string Oracle Distribution of R version 2.15.2  (--)
      nickname       Trick or Treat                             

      R> df <- data.frame(A=1:26, B=letters[1:26])
      R> head(df)

        A B
      1 1 a
      2 2 b
      3 3 c
      4 4 d
      5 5 e
      6 6 f

      R> dim(df)
      [1] 26  2
      > class(df)
      [1] "data.frame"
      R> ore.create(df, table="DF_TABLE")
      R> ore.ls()
      [1] "DF_TABLE"

      R> class(DF_TABLE)
      Error: object 'DF_TABLE' not found
      R> head(DF_TABLE)
      Error in head(DF_TABLE) :
        error in evaluating the argument 'x' in selecting a method for function 'head': Error: object 'DF_TABLE' not found


      Is the documentation inaccurate or is it possible that I missed something ?


      Thank You