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    Incremental Deployment - Webapplication - Weblogic


      Currently i have exposed webservices from a web application running in a weblogic server.

      I have used Spring,hibernate etc., for development.

      I have different categories of services, so i have 3 wsdls exposed.eg: - http://xxxx/APP/abc.wsdl, http://xxxx/APP/def.wsdl, http://xxxx/APP/xyz.wsdl.

      whenever i add a new category(new WSDL), i will redeploy the entire application

      Iam thinking of incremental deployment(not sure if this is the right term) where i should plugin a jar by which i should be able to expose a new WSDL.

      This will make sure that the deployment will not affect the already running services.

      Below are my development steps


      1) update web.xml to add new WSDL for respective url

      2) create a new xsd for schema definition.


      Whenever i want to expose a new wsdl,

      1) i will have java files developed

      2) will have the respective XXXX-servlet.xml which will be picked by spring container based on the web.xml updates mentioned in step 1.


      Any suggestions how to proceed with above.


      Please let me know in case you need additional information.





      Senthil Kumar Sekar