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    Not able to create VF on T5-2 server


      Not able to create VF on T5-2 server..

      My interface card supports 64 VF but while craeting i am getting below error.



      root@Solaris11U1-T5:~# ldm ls-io -l /SYS/MB/PCIE3/IOVNET.PF0

      NAME                                      TYPE   BUS      DOMAIN   STATUS

      ----                                      ----   ---      ------   ------

      /SYS/MB/PCIE3/IOVNET.PF0                  PF     pci_2    primary


          maxvfs = 64

      root@Solaris11U1-T5:~# ldm create-vf /SYS/MB/PCIE3/IOVNET.PF0

      The parent bus pci_2 of the device /SYS/MB/PCIE3/IOVNET.PF0 does not currently

      support IOV operations.  Please check the iov= setting of this bus