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    Annual leave Accrual


      Hi ,


      I am working on Annual leave accrual for a project.The calculation for which is for a fiscal year.(APR-MAR)The accrual plan is working fine.

      For this employee who has joined in jan the Accrual plan days is 0 which is fine.But for the following month it should be 2.5 but its calculated as 7.5 .

      Could anyone please guide me on this?

      But for APR agin its 0 and by the end of Mar next year 30 is the annual rate as required.

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          Hope your accrual plan is setup right. The accrual term and frequency need to be setup as follows

          Accrual term - Simple, 1 year, starting Apr1

          Accrual frequency - 1 calendar month

          Acc band - 0-99 years, 30

          Specify the default accrual calculation and carryover formulas.. check if you have any ineligibility criteria..


          If there is an issue with only the calculated amount, you could take a look at the formula

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            I want to change the reset date to 31-MAR and want the accrual to start from 1-APR.Could you please guide.

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              Hi - This is possible with the delivered functionality on accrual plan setup. No edits to the formula may be requried.


              Please setup the accrual plan as follows -

              Start rule: Hire date


              Under the Periods and formulas tab

              Accrual Term

              Type: Simple

              Duration : 1

              UOM: Year

              Start date: April 1 (set this up depending upon your application's date time format)


              Accrual frequency:

              Type: Standard

              Duration: 1

              UOM: Calendar month


              This should suffice to have the accrual term defined between 01-Apr to 31-march. Please ensure that you run the carryover process by 31march to bring in balances to the following year

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                Thanks a lot for your reply i am new to payroll.I am unable to locate the Periods and formulas tab that you are talking about.

                Please help me out with this.

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                  I am very new to payroll.Thank a lot for your reply.Unable to fetch this periods and formula tab that you are talking about.

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                    This is on the absence UI rather than payroll


                    Navigate to task Manage accrual plans, search for the accrual plan defined.. im hoping there should be one since you have teh 30 days defined somewhere

                    The second tab on your accrual plan page is Periods and formulas

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                      Working on release 12 ...still din get the Periods and formulas tab you are talking about .

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                        Since you are using EBS R12 and not Fusion payroll. Please post your query on Human Resource Management (HRMS) forum.