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    RPD file upgrade from 10g to 11g error:  Error in starting opmn server


      Dear All,


      We have to upgrade an RPD repository file and the catalog from 10 g to 11 g. We use the Oracle Fussion Middleware Upgrade Assistant tool.


      BI Service (BI server version:


      The operation failed, and we got the following error message:


      [2013-09-06T12:03:51.117+02:00] [BIEE] [ERROR] [upgrade.BIEE] oracle.as.management.opmn.optic.OpticException: Error in starting opmn server[[ Operation aborted because of a system call failure or internal error   at oracle.as.management.opmn.optic.OpmnAdmin.executeCommand(OpmnAdmin.java:310)   at oracle.as.management.opmn.optic.OpmnAdmin.startOpmnServer(OpmnAdmin.java:87)   at oracle.ias.upgrade.config.oraclebi.OPMNUtil.startOpmn(OPMNUtil.java:46)   at oracle.ias.upgrade.config.oraclebi.OracleBIConfigUpgrade.doUpgrade(OracleBIConfigUpgrade.java:118)   at oracle.ias.upgrade.UpgradeSupport.doUpgrade(UpgradeSupport.java:1823)   at oracle.ias.upgrade.gui.UAUpgradeThread.run(UAUpgradeThread.java:503)

      It is curious because the core applications are running (I performed the command "./opmnctl start" successfully) and I can open and use the services like WebLogic Administration Consol, Enterprise Manager, BI Enterprise Edition (Analytics) , BI Publisher etc.


      But if I open the enterprise manager the core applications under the tab Fusion Middleware are marked with red (not running)


      See screen shot regarding the overview:




      If I click on the Core application link the core appilcations are marked with green (they are running).


      See screen shot regarding the Core Applications:






      1. the core applications are displayed as down in Enterprise Manager.
      2. I restarted the core applications in the Enterprise Manager successfully but under the tab Fussion Middleware they are still displayed as not running.


      Does anybody ever had a problem like this. Thank you!


      Regards, Robert