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    Error while sending notificaiton to multiple users

      I created an adhoc role like:

      l_role_name varchar2(150):='TO_ROLE';
      l_role_display_name varchar2(50):='TO_ROLE';

      l_users := l_1_user||' '||l_2_user;

      l_1_ruser and l_2_user are of fnd_user%user_name type..and they get the user names from fnd_user using a cursor variable.Both l_1_ruser and l_2_user are already having assigned to various roles.

      But for my present scenario i am creating an adhoc role and assigning both l_1_user and l_2_user who are residing in wf_local_roles.

      WF_DIRECTORY.CreateAdHocRole (
      role_name => l_role_name,
      role_display_name =>l_role_display_name,
      email_address => null,
      notification_preference => 'MAILHTML'

      WF_DIRECTORY.AddUsersToAdHocRole (
      role_name => 'TO_ROLE',
      role_users => l_users

      when using the above I am getting:

      Failed Activity Test_NOTIFICATION3
      Activity Type Function
      Error Name -6500
      Error Message ORA-06500: PL/SQL: storage error ORA-04030: out of process memory when trying to allocate 16328 bytes (koh-kghu call ,pmucalm coll)

      Error Stack Wf_Directory.AddUsersToAdHocRole(SEND_TO_ROLE, " ") ........

      any suggestions...

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