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    Input Text w/ LOV QBE Behavior


      Hi All,


      I'm using JDev/JHS here and have a question about the default behavior of QBE for JHeadStart Input Text w/ LOV components.  The issue we're having is that when using QBE in the popup, values entered into the QBE filters aren't cleared after the popup is dismissed.  The issue is that when a user goes back into the popup, the old values remain in the QBE. 


      While I can see the benefit of this, it's not the desired behavior in our particular case.  Instead, our users would like to start fresh with every use of the LOV.  My hope is that I am able to customize a template and override some property to achieve this.  How foolish an assumption am I making?  Please advise.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Steven Davelaar-Oracle

          Your assumption is not foolish at all, you can customize almost all standard JHeadstart behavior to satisfy specifc requirements.

          For this situation, you want to customize the templates that generate the LOV task flow.

          In this task flow, you should have the main router first navigate to a new method activity that invokes the jhsSearchBean.clearSearchCriteria method, and then navigates to the LOV page itself.


          It is easiest to first get this to work by modifying the generated LOV task flow, and then move your changes to the relevant templates to preserve the changes upon regeneration.

          See chapter 12 of the dev guide for more info and tips on customizations.


          Steven Davelaar,

          JHeadstart Team.

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            Thank you for the explanation.  Out of curiosity, is this change between JHS and  I ask because we don't recall having to implement this as you suggest before.


            Thanks again!

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              Steven Davelaar-Oracle

              Well, I am not sure, it for sure wasn't an intentional change, might have been changed as a side effect of some bug fix.


              Steven Davelaar,

              JHeadstart Team.

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                Hi Steven,


                Have tried to implement your suggestion and it seems like what you describe is nearly the default behavior.  The big difference is that the method called after the main router is clearSearchCriteriaAndRequery.  Changing this to clearSearchCriteria doesn't seem to have any impact on the QBE, and both methods seem to impact only the query panel and not the QBE. 


                I've also asked the question in the JDev forums, because I think what I need is the ability to access the popup's equivalent to a Filter Model.  Does something like this exist?