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    Need suggestion on new environment (server - database combi).




      We have two database instances (DB1 and DB2 - Both 10g) each of size 10TB. Currently, both the databases are mounted on same AIX server.

      There are several schemas in each database. There will be data transfer activity between two databases. Currently we are using DB links for the same.


      We are planning to build a new environment(Server / Servers) with data from both the databases.Need your inputs and suggestions on building / designing the new environment.


      1. 2 Servers with DB1 and DB2 mounted on each seperately. - Pros and cons ?
      2. 1 server with DB1 and DB2 mounted on the same server. - Pros and cons ?
      3. 1 server with 1 DB (Merging both schemas from DB1 and DB2). - Pros and cons ?


      Please suggest your thoughts, advantages and constraints of the different approaches.

      A few things which come to my mind instantly are : Modularity , Data transfer , Security , Ease of maintenance , Expandability of business , Architectural recommendations , Backup and Restore.