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    45 minute startup



      I recently did a new install of weblogic and set up the SOA domain for use with SOA Suite

      The server is taking 25 minutes to start up, and then another 20 minutes to deploy the console application when I go to localhost:7001/console. I am running startWebLogic.cmd under user_projects/domains/SOA_Domain/bin.

      Windows 7 64 bit, but using a 32 bit JDK.
      8 GB ram

      I'm not a weblogic expert, I've used a few earlier versions, and they never took more than 5 minutes to start. Did I do something wrong?

      I'm also having serious problems configuring a JDBC adapter, I messed it up initially, now I am trying to fix the configuration, which is involving many restarts to see if it's fixed.

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          Paste here managed server .out file, so I can check to you which resources is taking long be loaded.

          Gabriel Abelha
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            if you have 8G for soa_server, osb_server, bam_server, osr_server, Database Server.... definitly your server is working so hard.


            Check your server's log file if there aren't any problems then increment memory.




            check swapping and CPU statistics of your Server.


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