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    Unable to save - qualitative look up




      We have a extended attribute defined as qualitative look up.

      This qualitative look up values are maintained in the Data admin tool kit.


      It has 8 values.  Values are Cube, Shingle, Shred, Slice, Stick, Tub, V-shred, N/A.

      This extended attribute is set up in a custom section and it is used in a trade spec.


      When we select the qualitative look up value slice and click ok to save it, it is not getting saved and it appears blank. we are able to save all the other values

      Please advise.



      Thanks & Regards


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          Jessie C-Oracle

          Hi Ganesh,


          I have tried on my server, which is version v6.1.1.1, may i ask what version are you working on? both application and EP. and also, would you give a more detailed step, does the value disappear after you click 'Done' in the Custom Section popup, or it shows after you click Done but disappear after you click 'Save' or 'Save&Close' on the trade spec?




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            Hi Jessie,


            Thanks for your reply. We are on version v6.


            1. My Custom section is Sub-Unit manufacturing Form.  To make the changes i go to the edit section.

            2. This opens a new screen, where i click the pencil button to add the values.

            3. It opens the next screen with torch button. Once i select it, opens up the screen with list of values.

            4. Here i select the values and click done (here i am able to select the value SLICE)

            5. Value SLICE appears for saving. However once i click for saving it (by clicking the green tick button), the next screen appears without the value SLICE.



            Thanks & Regards


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              Hi Jessie


              We are still having this issue. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.


              Thanks & Regards