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    Upgrading documaker from 11.3 to 12.1


      We are in the process of upgrading from documaker 11.3 to 12.1.  We have an oracle database and also have documaker running on unix as well as windows environments.  We have separate processes that run on unix and windows.  Here are my questions regarding the upgrade procedure

      1)      1)     Are there server and client side components to the upgrade?  i.e If there are any changes at the database or server level,  how do we make those changes as a part of the upgrade?  Is there a separate utility for this? Is there a server component to the upgrade?

      2)       2)     We wanted to see if it would be possible for us to just upgrade the windows side to 12.1.  But since currently both environments run 11.3 and share the same database,  will  12.1 and 11.3 run together without any issues? Or do we have to upgrade them both?  Are there any changes at the database or server level that would require both unix and windows to be on the same documaker version? 

      3)      3)     Has anyone done a “in place” upgrade?  If so is there documentation around how to go about doing that?

      4)      4)     Has anyone done a side by side upgrade?  If so is there documentation around steps for this?

      5)      5)     If we do a brand new install of 12.1, which step creates the database or how do we create the database objects?


             If anyone has a document or procedures doc that they used for their uprade that they can share,  that would be great.



      So Sorry for so many questions,  I am new to Documaker

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          Mr Peabody-Oracle

          Since you ask multiple questions, you may have to get multiple replies - or be asked follow-up questions to clarify your situation.


          It's a pretty big leap from 11.3 to 12.1 I would not install the new system over the top of your old. Just doing an install of 12.1, you should still be able to run your existing setups with no changes - at least none that come to mind as far as GenData/GenPrint are concerned. So immediately after install (and with a path change) you should be able to test your previous runs against new runs.


          The BIGGEST difference from 11. 3 to 12.1 is that you will be moving from the old Image Editor and separate tools up to the DMStudio managed model. This means you will need to create a workspace for Studio to manage. The workspace creation wizard will ask to import your resources into a workspace. Normally, I again suggest that you allow this to create a new table for your resources so that your old system continues to function as you find your way around in the new world.


          I don't think the library layout changed between 11.3 and 12.1, but you probably still don't want to modify your existing setup until you know you have good output using 12.1. You will likely end up with more resources under library management after the fact than before.


          The DMStudio wizard will create tables for you if you have the rights to do so. If not, then the page will offer for you to generate the DDLs to give to an DBA that can.


          A lot of this should be documented either in the install guide or in the document that specifically addresses DMStudio.

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