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    Multiple Java Apps in same JVM





      I have created a shell script which calls my java application with heap size as below:



      /bin/java -Xms:3072M -Xmx:3072M ...



      I'm calling the shell script multiple times in the background to create multiple instances of my java application in the same box. I have set a limit of 5 for java applications at any point of time. But what I'm experiencing is that first few sets of java application finish very fast (almost 3 mins) but last few sets taking a lot of time (around 10 mins). The quantity of data processed by all java applications is same but why later sets of java application is taking longer?



      Can I do something here so that later sets of apps also completes in 3 mins? Can I refresh java heap before submitting another set of java applications? Java application is not mine but I have purchased from 3rd party. Please help!!!



      Thanks in advance.