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    How to restrict the user from inserting/updating into others user columns?


      Hi Everyone,

      I have a question for which i'm not able to find an answer.

      I have prepared a form in which there are fields for unit users as shown in the table below. My form looks exactly like the table below.


      Comp_detailsDue_dateUnit 3Unit 4Unit 5Unit 6Unit 7Unit 8Unit 9Unit 10Unit 11Unit 12Unit 13Unit 14Unit 15Unit 16Unit 17
      Name 15/3/2013
      Name 22/3/2013
      Name 35/9/2013
      Name 48/6/2013
      Name 295/8/2013
      Name 303/3/2013


      Here all the Unit Users enters the data in their respective Unit fields only like Unit 3 user enters the data in 'Unit 3' only.

      Now i want to restrict the users , such that they must not be able to enter the data in other unit columns.


      For that i can use the following code:



      set_item_property('IN_TAX.UNIT3', insert_allowed, property_TRUE);

      set_item_property('IN_TAX.UNIT3', UPDATE_allowed, property_TRUE);


      set_item_property('IN_TAX.UNIT4', insert_allowed, property_FALSE);

      set_item_property('IN_TAX.UNIT4', UPDATE_allowed, property_FALSE);



      /*and set all the other Units to FALSE */



      set_item_property('IN_TAX.UNIT17', insert_allowed, property_FALSE);

      set_item_property('IN_TAX.UNIT17', UPDATE_allowed, property_FALSE);


      But I should do this for all the columns that is for all the Units. The code will be too lengthy & tedious.

      Is there any other way to do the same in a simple & short length code?


      Thank You...