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    Paragraph selection across multiple copies


      Hi All,


      I am working on iDocumaker application system v3.2

      My requirement is to have an Owner copy of a letter, two co-owner copies with all the data points that Owner's copy has after it has been updated in iDocumaker with paragraph selections/Manual feed of data through iDocumaker.

      I basically need to push the data that has been added through paragraphs(called by MultiLine text fields) to the Co-owner's copy. The selection will be done on Owner's copy.

      To make it a bit more explanatory - we are repeating a FORM for the number of co-owners those are present on a specific policy. Hence, if a Policy owner has 2 co-owners and one Owner, the FORM will have three instances; 1 for Owner and 2 for co-owners.

      Is there any way to push the data from Owner's first copy to Co-owners' copy?


      Please reply.


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          Okay. I don't know if you are referring to this happening during "entry" or if you are expecting this to happen in a "batch" (Gendata) rule. I'm not sure I can answer from the batch angle without some thought. However, if you are talking about user Entry "propagating" a MLT from one form to the next, it might be possible with some caveats.


          1. The MLT field must have the same name. (Just like normal fields that propagate between forms)

          2. The destination MLT fields must be on separate forms from where you are starting. This does not mean that the forms can't have the same name, but they must be separate copies of the form.

          3. On the section where you define the MLT field, set the field scope to Global and then skip down to the Edit properties area. In the Post Edit area choose the Procedure named TerPropagate. This will set the module name to Tersw32 (as you need).


          If you do these things, then when you complete editing the field on the first form and Tab off, the content should be duplicated onto the other copies of the form.


          Note, the reason the MLTs must be on separate forms is simple. Usually, any MLTs of the same name found within the same form may be considered part of the same text. So it only works when you set the scope to global and when the MLTs occur on separate forms.

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            This is exactly which I was looking for .

            Thanks much for your timely and extremely helpful response.