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    OCA and OCP Certification kit not yet received



      I had cleared my OCA in Dec,2012 and when followed up with Oracle Support then they told that my success kit was shipped on 21-Dec-2012 and I would receive it by the first week of Feb,2013,which never happened.I have raised so many SR's in this regard and each time they replied that I had to change my address on PearsonVue to get 2nd shipment done as the new address has to be different from the first.

      In Feb,2013  I cleared my OCP and the shipment in Certview for it shows first shipment as 10-FEB-13.

      I have received neither of my certification kits till date and I am very much frustrated by this service of Oracle as it should at least provide a tracking no so that people can track their kit from time to time.Each time I follow up with the support they give excuse to change the address and all and till now they haven't initiated a 2nd shipment for any of my certificates.I have taken other certifications too like ITIL and got the certificate within 15days their service was hassle free.But Oracle is worst than what people used to say in terms of shipment of certification.I don't have any hope now as almost 1 year is going to pass and I haven't received my 1st certificate also.


      Here I have mentioned all the SR's raised by me along with their respective dates,in this regard.If you have time from your busy schedule then please have a look at them.I would appreciate your consideration.

      Service Request Number: 497386-231952116 -- 19.12.12

      Service  Request Number:  497386-233962375  -- 25.12.12
      Service  Request Number:  497386-253830926 -- 29.01.13

      Service Request Number: 497386-260975366 -- 10.02.13

      Service Request Number: 497386-261383622 -- 11.02.13

      Service Request Number: 497386-331854185 -- 03.06.13


      Vinni Sharma.

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          Brandye Barrington-Oracle


          I will pass this request along to the team lead for support. Unfortunately, there are some regions in which we have an immense amount of difficulty getting the certificates delivered. This is more extreme than most cases I see. I am not sure what the issue is, but I will try to help you get it sorted out. I'm sure this has been frustrating for you.


          Brandye Barrington

          Certification Forum Moderator