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    slf4j-api-1.5.11.jar is oldest in ATG 10.1.2 DAS/lib ? how to exclude using ATG-Assembler-Skip-File tag


      Hi All,


         We are migrating the exisiting spring based eCommerce application to ATG 10.1.2. In which we have identified that slf4j jar (slf4j-api-1.5.11.jar) present in DAS/lib folder is older than the required (slf4j.api.jar - 1.6.4) in the project.


      So we are having an issue. Can you please what is the best way to proceed ?


      1) Can I replace the DAS/lib jar to the latest, will it be a problem ??


      2) do we have any other mechanism to handle this situation ?


      Advance thanks for your help !


      With Regards,

      Balabaskaran Kanagasabai




      I have found a solution for this issue by updating the DAS module MANIFEST.MF file as given below for this particular jar file to be imported on my EAR.

      ATG-Assembler-Import-File: False    


      In local env, it is ok, But I'm not very comfortable to change it inside the DAS, instead from the ATG documentation, I see there is a possibility to achieve the same using ATG-Assembler-Skip-File tag on my project Manifest file.

      Using this tag, I'm able to ignore the jar file from my project but I do not have an idea how to specify a file of DAS.. Any idea/suggestion ???


      With Regards,

      Balabaskaran Kanagasabai