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    Oracle VM Templates




      We are currently running Oracle Application release 12.1.1 and Oracle Database on IBM Power 5 on AIX 6.1.
      We are in process of Migration the whole environment to Intel based platform our go LIVE date is 26th september 2013 and the vendor has configured the Oracle VM environment, they suggested us to use Oracle VM templates but we did the test migration using iso files of Linux(x86_64) and Oracle DB Home and Oracle Application Techstack

      Source (2 server HACMP CLuster) Server1 DB and CONC, server 2 APPS

      Oracle Database
      Oracle Application 12.1.1
      AIX 6.1

      Target (2 Servers OVM Cluster) Guest VM DB, Guest VM APPS

      Oracle Database
      Oracle Application 12.1.1
      Oracle Enterprise linux 6.4
      Oracle VM Hypervisor 3.2.3
      Oracle VM Manager 3.2.3

      We have completed the migration by installation the OS, DB Home, APPS TECH stack using media because we were unable to get the latest templates from Oracle E-delivery, have already raised SR. We need to know is there a tempalte available for the above configuration or we need to create the setup using installation media and then create a template?

      Thank you



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          The web site Oracle E-delivery is the officiale web site of Oracle which contains all Oracle Solutions (iso, templates,...).

          And if you want to migrate you environnemnt from physical server to Oracle VM templates, you can do that by using Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder or by Physical to Virtual conversation P2V using the Oracle VM Server CD (The source and destination have the same CPU Architecture).


          I hope this can help you

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