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    HFM tables




      Need help with understanding where amount loaded from FDM is stored in HFM tables.Also how to map the icp from tdataseg with the licp column in HFM DCE table.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Thanos A.

          Hi there,


          May I ask the reason of why you need to understand how FDM loads in  HFM?


          Have in mind that FDM can load in EC, ECA, PCA and [Elimination] value dimension members which can create issues if you start working with the tables.





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            Hi ,


            I want to know in which table amount is stored in HFM.We have automated loads from Oracle Fin --->FDM--->HFM.

            The current logic what we have is to pass Zero$ to FDM during import stage if the prior load had non-zero and the current load has zero(no data coming for certain accouts from Oracle).

            Need help on how to enhance this logic to ensure non-zero value in the prior load was actually loaded into HFM.

            If I know which table mostly the amount is stored in HFM then I can write a script to update this table from FDM.



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              Thanos A.

              Hi there,


              I believe that you need the DCT tables of the DB. However, I would not try to edit the data in the HFM due to the fact that the system does not use the known HFM labels but keys which are connected with the labels.


              Are you sure, that you cannot create any solution before or during the FDM steps?