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    EJB 3.1 Singleton on Weblogic 12c cluster deployment problem

      I want to deploy an EJB 3.1 Singleton with a remote interface in a Weblogic 12c cluster. I get following error after deployment:

      <Cluster> <BEA-000123> <Conflict start: You tried to bind an object under the name momsJee6-6_3_0momsJee6-6_3_0_jarRuntimeBean_Home in the JNDI tree. The object from -3578264421777518461S::gpdomain:new_ManagedServer_2 is non-clusterable, and you have tried to bind more than once from two or more servers. Such objects can only be deployed from one server.>

      According to the EJB 3.1 spec. an EJB annotated with @Singleton exists one time per Java VM, so one time per managed server. I would have expected that the Weblogic registers the singleton bean in the JNDI correctly without problems according to this rule, because the intention is not to have a unique instance for the whole cluster, but for each managed server.

      Probably this can be controlled by providing deployment descriptors, but one big enhancement of EJB 3.x was to not require them.
      Can anyone provide a hint how to solve that problem ?
      Thanks in advance,
      Grischa Paul